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Curb Styles

Exclusive Curb-It Design Stamps & Patterns

Our stamps and patterns for concrete curbing add a beautiful textured finish to the curb. Stamp patterns simulate different styles of stone, brick or tile. Our vast customized color selection will enhance the look and allow for matching most accent and home colors.


All of the stamped concrete curbs are sealed with a high solids clear sealer. Stamps are combined with molds/forms to create a custom curb.


Decorative Concrete Borders can be formed in many styles and shapes allowing for a unique and custom curb installation. Our professional grade shapes & forms are designed for specific purposes like mower edges.


A Curb-It Design Consultant can help you pick the form/shape suitable for your needs. We are continuously adding to our concrete form collection, so contact us for any questions on a form you see here, or about any forms, you would like us to complete your landscape with.


Curb-It Design uses only the finest concrete coloring products. All our concrete products are backed by the quality and dependability of the world’s foremost manufacturer of concrete coloring – Solomon Colors®.


View the vast color selection below by clicking on each color or downloading the color chart to your right. No matter the size of your curbing project, know that you are selecting the highest quality coloring available.

color chart 4.jpg
color chart 3.jpg
color chart 2.jpg
color chart 5.jpg

Natural Stone
(Boise Slate, & Modern Rustic Wood)

  • 7.5” - 8.5” wide

  • High Strength 5,000 psi

  • Stainless Steel Reinforced

  • Nylon Fibers

  • 4 color blend

  • Hand Carved

  • Stone, Slate & Wood Series

  • Premium Sealer

color chart (1).jpg
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