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**Preparing for arrival

Please mark all irrigation heads near the curb line and turn off one day prior. Dog fencing and underground cables must be clearly marked if shallower than  2” *Please pick up after all dogs and animals as we will be crawling around the yard and also mowing is recommended. We will need access to outside water for a small amount to mix concrete. Please make sure inside valves are not turned off.

Our Truck needs at least 50’ of street frontage of the property where work will be done. We may need to block the driveway for 4-6 hours if any vehicles need to get out before our arrival.


  • Keep animals, children, neighbors, and objects away from the wet concrete curb for 48 hours. It will be “hard” to the touch at this point, but will need a few days to harden completely. It is very difficult to fix this after 20 minutes.  Concrete curbing takes 14-28 days to fully cure. You will notice the color of the edging changing during the curing process. Don’t worry--this is normal and will achieve its final color when fully cured.


  • Sod laying, sprinkler work and landscape work can be started 3-5 days after installation. However, caution must be taken as shovels, picks, and wheelbarrows can damage the curb for several days until it is fully cured. If you have a landscape contractor working for you, caution them about protecting the curb from damage. If wheelbarrows are used for hauling rock over the curb, build a ramp over the curb to keep pressure off. Never allow a tractor or a truck to run over the curb.


  • Drainage and irrigation heads >> We always recommend running drain tile and catch basins where low areas or down spouts are present or by extending downspouts past the curb. We can stub in small sections of tile upon request ($30 ea.)  Sprinkler heads near edging mostly will end up on the inside of the curb to make everything flow well.  These can be moved before or after the process if needed. Curb-It Design LLC. Is not responsible for any water drainage problems present or future.


  • Colors >> Curb It Design is not responsible for color variation from color charts.  We know our colors well and will suggest the best blend of base and accents to compliment your home and landscape.


  • Warranty >> 2 year workmanship warranty with all of our curbing.  Separation within the curb, heaving and workmanship are the only things covered under warranty. Damage caused by snow plows, weather, tree roots or other natural occurrences is not covered.  If curbing is damaged we will come back and make any necessary repairs. If the repairs are not covered under warranty, there will be a minimum charge based on the pricing guide.

  • Tree roots >> Tree roots may be shallower than 1” on certain types of trees. (Ex: river birch & silver maple) We do our best to avoid cutting but may be necessary. Curb-it design LLC. is not responsible for trees that are damaged. Most of these are very hardy and we stay near the drip line.


  • Final cleanup >> Our 22 step process is very clean and efficient, but the final cleaning of the curb before the sealer may be dusty for 10 min pending wind. Keep windows closed during this process. We will leave your property as clean or better than we arrived and with beautiful new borders!


  • Cracking >> Concrete curbing like any other type of concrete can and will crack. We try to control the cracking with expansion joints every couple of feet. We also use nylon fiber mesh and other additives to minimize shrinkage.  We experience very little cracking in our products. Take note; repairs can be difficult to make in colored concrete. It is impossible to get a perfect color match. Sometimes the “cure is worse than the ill.” A hairline crack is much less noticeable than a patch or discoloration in the curbing.


  • Sealer Maintenance >> We will seal the curb when we finish or when the concrete is still “green.” This will help slow-cure the concrete and allow it to become harder over time. We use a “Cure and Seal” product that is an acrylic curing and sealing compound (not water based). Our concrete is colored throughout the entire curb so if it becomes scratched by a snowplow or mower edge you can simply dab sealer on it. This sealer provides an impermeable seal for moisture retention and protects your curb from sun fading, dirt, grease, etc. You will need to re-apply a coat of sealer in 2 years with a Deck brush or Sprayer as your original coats wear off to keep your curb looking beautiful and give it the protection it needs. If you prefer a deeper color, you may seal the curb again after 28 days using an acrylic sealer. We recommend “Crystal Clear” & “Poly Seal” sealer in stock @ “Stampcrete MN” in Burnsville, MN.

      1 gallon will cover 100-300’ depending on how it is applied.


  • Landscaping >> Curb-It design will only cut out sod 12” where the curbing will be poured.  When specified, we cut off the top edge of your old black edging or pull out so you can place rock or mulch behind the curb. When we finish there may be a small space between the curb and the grass which allows us to trowel and seal. We recommend using potting soil or topsoil mixed with grass seed to fill in the areas needed or we can leave some sod at your request.  There may even be a strip of grass behind the curb when we are finished. This can be sprayed with Round-Up and/or covered with fabric/poly before backfilling rock or mulch.


  • Payment >> Curb-It Design LLC. accepts check, Venmo, PayPal, cash, and credit cards (cards will add 3.5% convenience fee).  Deposits are non-refundable.  All payments due on the day of completion unless discussed. Curb-It Design LLC. reserves the right to file lien for services not paid after 30 days. Deposits paid by Cash, Check, Venmo, or credit card will be acceptance of contract.


Thank you for choosing our product. We know you will enjoy it for many years to come! Regards, Curb-It crew

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